Builders and Warriors Universe

For the past three years I have been working with some of my favorite people in the world to create a new game. Originally called Builders and Warriors, the idea has grown such that we decided to name the universe the Builders and Warriors Universe, a place to hold our game, now called Darkforge Dungeons. … Read more

Johnny Castaway Common Questions

A few days ago I posted a funny Tweet about the making of our Johnny Castaway story telling screen saver from 1992. I got a ton of questions. Errol Flint on Twitter, and Damiano Gerli, a gaming historian, sent me a bunch of questions. I answered and decided to post them here as well, so … Read more

Welcome to My New, Old Blog

For 15 years I ran a blog about making games at I looked away for a few months, and a hacker took out the site with an injection. I wasn’t really publishing any more, so I just closed it down. During that dark time I was also done with the gaming market. Apple, Google … Read more