Welcome to My New, Old Blog

For 15 years I ran a blog about making games at makeitbigingames.com. I looked away for a few months, and a hacker took out the site with an injection. I wasn’t really publishing any more, so I just closed it down.

During that dark time I was also done with the gaming market. Apple, Google and Steam controlled 99.7% of the indie gaming market, and it was worse odds than winning the lottery to make a successful game. Those tech titans made sure to stay between game makers and their audience, so even for indies that struck lightning and won that lottery, it was nearly impossible to create another hit.

Then, through the darkest fog came a ray of light. Web3 and crypto! I know most hardcore gamers hate the mention of those words, but I believe they are the future, so I will be defending my thoughts here.

I will also be writing much more about old game development stories from the past. I have always been reluctant to talk about that stuff, but people seem to want to know more about it, so I will be writing a lot about it. Heck, I may even start a podcast to talk about the old days!

-Jeff Tunnell, Game Maker, @jefftunn on Twitter